Presented by WVRC Emergency & Specialty Pet Care

Your pets’ safety is incredibly important to us. All Fromm Petfest attendees will be required to sign a waiver confirming that their pets are up-to-date on all vaccinations and are prepared to behave respectfully. Ready with on-site emergency care, the professionals from WVRC will be on-hand for any emergency medical needs.

As attendees enter both gates security will be checking bags and wanding individuals in order to provide a safe environment. This may take extra time when entering Petfest so please plan accordingly if you wish to arrive by a certain time.

Petfest Safety Station

presented by WVRC Emergency & Specialty Pet Care

The skilled Veterinary staff from WVRC will host two first aid tents at the Mid Gate and South Gate to tend to any on-site needs pet attendees may have.





About WVRC

WVRC is recognized as one of the largest, most diverse private veterinary emergency and specialty hospitals in Wisconsin. With three locations in Waukesha, Grafton and Racine open 24/7, WVRC is able to provide care any time – day or night. In addition to the experienced and compassionate Emergency Veterinarians, WVRC has a team of dedicated Veterinary Specialists with extensive training in a specialized field that includes one of the following: surgery, dentistry, oncology, ophthalmology, anesthesia, cardiology, critical care, neurology and radiology. WVRC also offers advanced imaging such as MRI, CT and Ultrasound as well as it’s own blood donor program to ensure ample blood and blood product supply when critical patients need it most. Want to learn more? Visit WVRC here.

Pet Clean-Up

presented by Bentley’s Pet Stuff

Refuse bags and stations are located throughout the grounds. Check with grounds maps to find convenient stations throughout the day.

About Bentley’s Pet Stuff

Lisa Senafe founded Bentley’s Pet Stuff in 2008 in Arlington Heights, Illinois.  Lisa had the vision of helping customers feel confident choosing their pet food, knowing they were making a healthy purchase for their pets. With a commitment to community and trustworthy customer service, the stores feature only the highest quality pet foods and products. Today, the family-owned company has expanded to more than 95 stores in 11 states and an e-commerce website, yet the core values and commitment to quality remain the same.

Hydration Stations

presented by End of the Leash

Keep your pets hydrated at one of many water stations presented by our friends at End of Leash. Worried it might be a hot day? Cool off your hot dogs in one of several cool pools!


About End of the Leash

We are committed to providing you with the nutritional armor your pets need for living a long, healthy, happy life.

We have a large selection of holistic and homeopathic remedies as well as a wide range of supplements, essential oils and flower essences that are critical to your pet’s well-being.

When you purchase from End of the Leash, you are supporting a small, local, brick and mortar business in Wisconsin, two actually!  Our original store is in Mukwonago and our newest location is located in Pewaukee.