The safety of our guests (humans and pets, alike) is paramount. All Fromm Petfest pet attendees will be required to have a human sign a waiver confirming that the pet(s) is up-to-date on all vaccinations and is prepared to behave respectfully.

There will be both human and pet on-site emergency care at Petfest courtesy of WVRC.

As attendees enter both gates, security will be checking bags and wanding individuals in order to provide a safe environment. This may take extra time when entering Petfest so please plan accordingly if you wish to arrive by a certain time.

Rules & Waiver

Waivers will be available on the day of Petfest at the Mid and South Gate entrances or can be downloaded, filled out and turned in at either entry gate.

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WVRC – Waukesha is a Level 1 24-hour emergency/critical care and specialty veterinary hospital dedicated to providing compassionate medical care to the dogs and cats entrusted to our care. Our team consists of incredible emergency vets, board certified specialists, highly skilled technicians, and knowledgeable client care coordinators. We provide 24-hour emergency/critical care and veterinary specialty services, at three hospitals in Waukesha, Grafton and Racine. Your pets are family, and they deserve to be treated with the care and compassion any family member would receive.